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Why does it cost so much to digitize for embroidery?

So with all of today's technologies, you may be wondering why it cost so much to digitize a file for embroidery. Well, there are several things that go into this, it is really not a click of the button. There are some "auto" features out there but it does not go very well most of the time.

1. Our first step in getting a file ready for embroidery is what is putting it on? Just because we have a left chest file does not mean it will work well on a hat or vice versa so that is very important. Along with what is the material we are putting it on, is it leather, or maybe it is performance material and so on.

2. The next step is what size or sizes do we need it for? Will we use it as just a left chest or will there be a need for a full back? Maybe we want a slightly different version for a hat. These are all things we have to keep in mind while setting this up.

3. The next step is do we have a good clean image to start with? This is important as it is the foundation for how we will build this file. If we have a poor image file we will not be able to see the best way to apply the stitches to the file.

4. That brings us to the next step, applying stitch marks. So unlike other files we actually go in and place where the needle will go and how it will get there. Yes, that is correct we actually hand-place stitches on the file. We might use an auto feature to fill big gaps or start it but we actually go in and check each and every placement along with the direction and travel. If we do not do this and can create some awful-looking garments for a finished product.

5. The final step is stitching out time. This is where we take the file and test stitch it onto a scrap piece of material similar to what the final garment will be. We want to make sure that everything lays exactly as we want it before potentially damaging a garment. This also allows us to go back and make corrections as needed and fine-tune them.

So as you can see there are several steps to this process and it is not a "free" online converter. Also as you may see online a less expensive option you do not know how it will actually sew on your garment.

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