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  • I paid for my setup why do you not share your artwork?
    At A & G we are focused on creating high quality products with great images. We do not share art files as even though a setup was paid it was not for our proprietary work. In some cases a release fee can be paid to get those files or if you choose from the beginning we can have a conversation about a brand book for your business that would get you the files you need rather than what we use to produce products with.
  • What file format do I need to send over?
    We work with many file formats depending on the scope of the work. However, we always recommend for print work that when possible we start with a vector file, with all fonts converted to curves. This can be sent over as a PDF or EPS for the easiest use. For a more detailed explanation please refer to our blog post on vector vs. raster.
  • What file do you need for Embroidery?
    For embroidery files, we like to have DST or OFM files. This may sound like Greek to some but in the embroidery business, it makes sense for those machines. This is not an easy online free conversion. It is a longer process than just that. Please reach out for more information. For more information about embroidery files please follow the link below.
  • How is the best way to proceed with my job?
    So at A&G we are focused on making sure that each customer gets the time they need to work on their project. This covers meeting time to production time. We have moved to an appointment-based meeting so that we can give you the focus that we need to. There are many ways to meet, in person at one of our locations, online, or over the phone. We can even meet at your location depending on the project. Please give us a call or click the link to schedule your appointment. Our phones are answered by a live person 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.
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