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Why do I pay before you start my job?

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

This is a somewhat common question that we get asked by people why do we ask for payment before we have started the job? Well, our work starts as soon as you say the quote is good to go. That means as soon as our design team starts to work on your project the clock is ticking.

We ask a lot of questions and sometimes it may seem a bit annoying at the inquisition but we do this so that we can accommodate your desires as closely as possible. Most people work and get paid for their hourly work well our design team also gets paid by the hour. This is why we charge our time by the hour as well.

We ask all of these questions so that we can keep this number as low as possible as it allows our team to be able to work more efficiently for you. So if you say I want a very simple logo just plain text in black and white. We base our quote on that statement. If you then come back and say well let's try blue text instead then we will edit it for you as this is a minor change. If you come back with a list of things to be changed this is out of the realm of simple and we would need to charge you accordingly to the new workload.

In our business, labor is in a digital world but it cost real money and time. Just like a mechanic would not want to work on your car for free we would prefer to be paid for our time as well. However, the mechanic has your car so if you do not pay they can legally sell your car to recoup those costs. In our situation, these items or designs are custom-made to what you want. It is almost impossible to find someone out there that would want your items with your design on them.

We appreciate your business and understanding of this matter. We look forward to continuing to serve you and bring your designs to reality.

Thank you Terris

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