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Processing Orders as Quickly as Possible

Why does it take so long I only have a shirt or two that need to be done. I just have one truck that needs to be lettered just work it in for me. This is a common question that we get and maybe you are reading this because you asked the same question yourself.

Most people do not realize but we are doing production at multiple sites in central Indiana and a few other states along with some overseas production. The reason that we are not able to work in that one or two shirts is that we talked with several other people the same day you came in as well.

We love all of our customers and want to give a high-quality product along with fair service by processing your order in the order it came in. Now we do understand that things happen and there are rushes that are not avoidable so we do our best to accommodate those needs however they do require additional charges as we run those in after-hours times to make sure that we keep everyone as close to schedule as possible.

Please know that we are currently trying to hire to improve turnaround times along with building and developing new technologies to improve our service to our number one priority our clients. We are in process of opening another production facility and hope to do so by late summer of 23' which will help improve a few of our lines. We also are implementing robotics and automation as fast as we can to speed up production as well.

If you know anyone looking for a job please send them our way.

Thank you


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